Two Versions of Italy in One Day – Northern Italy, October 2022

On our trip from the very north of the Italian mountains south to Bergamo – where we were due to get our flight back to Amsterdam – we took a bus to the city of Poschiavo, a town in the Italian area of the Swiss Alps, where we stopped for a couple of hours before taking the train to Tirano, a city in Italy and roughly half way to Bergamo where we had booked a place to stay the night. 

Poschiavo is popular a place for Swiss tour groups. I personally was disappointed with it. The people spoke Italian ….and yet it was not Italy. The old buildings had been ‘Swissified’; restored and yet ….sterile, devoid of the colour and character one experiences in Italy proper.  









The Swiss Train to Tirano came with a tourist voice announcing all the attractions along the way and for me, completed the overall picture of the Swiss tourist industry completing the impression of tameness and control. 

The highlight of the train trip – lauded by the tourist voice – was where it went around in a complete circle shortly before arriving in Tirano…



The Old Area of Tirano and well, a very different city scape to Poschiavo……









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