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Helsinki – Finlandia, September 6-8

We ended our Finland trip – of about a month – in Helsinki, where we spent two nights renting a small room near the centre. Helsinki is not a star attraction city in terms of historical buildings or grandeur. It certainly has some historic buildings amongst the ultra modern ones. 




Helsinki is above all an easy city to move around – to walk the streets and visit cafes and some of the many Indian and Thai restaurants and cafes. It is not a busy city as far as big cities go and we found it no problem to walk around all day.

And there are plenty of parks. 

Being a Finnish city, Helsinki is very civilsed; there are lots of pedestrian crossings and the traffic stops for them including those without lights. And the friendliness and helpfullness of the Fins is another plus point. 

In more than a few places the Ukrainian flag can be seen, including on top of Helsinki’s main railway station