The Upsides of The Ukraine Conflict

Rotterdam Central Train Station

On the train journey to the south of The Netherlands, I noticed that the termperature inside the carriage was considerably lower than normal – a welcome change from the over warming of the carriages in the past. 

This was one of the measures taken to cut back on energy use – along with lowering the temperatures in offices and public places. People now have to get used to wearing jumpers if they feel cold. 

As a result of the new regime, the national energy use has declined by 35%. 

This should have happened years ago, not because of the Ukraine War and Putin’s energy blackmail but because of global climate change. Inadvertently the war has speeded up long needed changes. 

Another thing I noticed on the trains was the surfeit of litter lying around on the floor and the toilets permanently closed: not enough cleaners, another example of the labour shortage being experienced all over the world. 


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