Finlandia August 23 – 2022

Lamps along a walking trail? 

At first we couldn’t work out why they were there. 

Then we remembered reading about the light and the dark in Lapland. 

And we were in the north of Lapland, further north than Iceland and most of Alaska. 

The winter days were very short here. There were 50 days during winter when there was no day. The sun never got above the horizon. The only light was from the snow, which the Fins called ‘blue light’. 

(And in the summer there were 70 days summer with no night!)

If one wanted to go for a walk during the winter – and sitting inside all day must get boring –  those lamps were indeed useful!

Even potentially life saving.

No joke losing your way in – 40 Centigrade, metres deep snow all around you.  




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